The following is some of the questions we have received over the years.

Why do I have to fill out so many forms?

Over the years insurance companies in the federal government has become increasingly more involved in the administration of medicine and it seems as though every year or 2 more forms are added. Unfortunately nothing can be done about this requirement. The forms requesting medical information is extremely important in the initial steps of trying to identify your diagnosis.

Do I have to sign a HIPPA compliant form for records release?

Privacy of medical information has become very important over the past several years. The federal government has instigated rules for record release and unless these forms are signed, other medical facilities cannot release information to our office. That information of course can be very helpful in identifying her medical condition.

I just had an x-ray, why do I needed another?

You may or may not need another x-ray depending on your medical condition and other issues. What is often very important is to bring in x-ray reports as well as copies of any studies on your lungs. This may actually answer questions to the point that no further testing may be needed.

I'm short of breath, can't you just give me an inhaler?

Shortness of breath has many different causes and only after dinner finding the specific cause can appropriate therapy be given. At times this will require further testing.

How can I try to stop my COPD exacerbation from going to the emergency room?

COPD exacerbations are one of the most common reasons for emergency room visits as well as hospital admissions. Patient's who have been educated on the signs and symptoms of COPD exacerbation are often given a "Rescue Pak" prescription includes an antibiotic and an oral steroid that is started at home at the first sign of an attack. If you are new patient to this practice please discuss this with me.